Best in Energy – 28 October 2022

EU gas consumption down by 14-15% in Aug-Sep

China coal production disrupted by covid controls

U.K. gas storage site re-opens at reduced capacity

U.S. electric and gas reliability for winter 2022/23

U.S. coal-fired generation limited by fuel shortage

Caterpillar reports strong equipment sales ($WSJ)

Intel cuts jobs as semiconductor sales drop ($WSJ)

U.S./China hostage diplomacy ($WSJ)

NORTHWEST EUROPE’s gas futures prices for deliveries in December, the first part of winter, are still above those for Northeast Asia, continuing to divert cargoes. But the premium has narrowed to around €30/MWh from €60-75 two months ago as Europe’s gas supply has improved and storage has neared maximum capacity. Europe’s lower gas prices are steadily filtering through to lower prices in East and South Asia for spot cargoes, though prices remain exceptionally high compared with before 2022:

Best in Energy – 25 May 2022

Glencore guilty of bribery and market manipulation

Europe aluminium output cut by high energy prices

India to open new mines to increase coal output

China aims to maximise coal production (trans.)

EU LNG deals in an emissions constrained world

EU pushes back Russian oil ban negotiations

U.S. West Coast ports least efficient ($BBG)

CATERPILLAR is the world’s largest maker of equipment for the construction and mining sectors, as well as a range of transportation equipment. Caterpillar is a bellwether for heavy industry and its share price is closely correlated with the business cycle. The company’s share price has fallen by almost -15% compared with the same month last year, a decline that suggests a slowdown is already underway:

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