Best in Energy – 24 May 2023

China pushes new gas line from Turkmenistan (Reuters)

U.S/EU aluminium smelters call for more aid (Reuters)

Forestry and carbon sequestration (Energy Monitor)

Philippines switches to expensive LNG (Reuters)

U.S./China attempt diplomatic opening (WSJ)

Energy transition investment survey (Bain)

Germany’s exports to China drop (FT)

U.S./China semiconductor conflict (FT)

EUROPE’s gas inventories amounted to 754 TWh on May 22. Stocks were +273 TWh (+57% or +2.00 standard deviations) on May 22 above the prior ten-year seasonal average compared with a surplus of +267 TWh (+51% or +2.72 standard deviations on February 6. Inventories are the second-highest on record for the time of year and the surplus is narrowing very slowly. Stocks are on track to peak at 1,237 TWh at the end of the refill season, exceeding the available storage capacity of around 1,139 TWh. Futures prices for deliveries in June and July continue to fall to encourage more consumption and divert cargoes to Asia: