Energy Twitter

Despite turbulence caused by the recent change in ownership, Twitter remains the most useful aggregator for news and analysis on the energy sector. I find it invaluable for tracking what is happening; it is the site I check first and most often every day. By being ruthlessly selective in following accounts, I keep the volume of information manageable while maximizing the useful signal and minimizing the noisy distractions. I have put together a consolidated list of the energy-related Twitter accounts I find most useful, with links below, or there is a consolidated list which you can follow here:

Javier Blas at Bloomberg on energy @JavierBlas

Clyde Russell at Reuters on Asian commodity markets @ClydeCommods

Gavin Maguire at Reuters on renewables and energy transitions @GavinJMaguire

Andy Home at Reuters on metals and mining @AndyHomeMetals

Kate Abnett at Reuters on Europe energy and climate @KateAbnett

David Sheppard at the FT on all things oil @OilSheppard

Stephen Stapczynski at Bloomberg on Asian energy markets @SStapczynski

Ollie Gordon at Energy Monitor on energy transitions @OllieGordon88

Peter Wood at Shell on energy systems @Peter__Wood

Henning Gloystein at Eurasia Group on energy @hgloystein

Stuart Wallace at Bloomberg on European energy @StuartLWallace

Will Kennedy at Bloomberg on European energy @wenkennedy

Alex Longley at Bloomberg on oil markets @alexlongley1

James Herron at Bloomberg on European energy @ja_herron

Guy Faulconbridge at Reuters on Russia and Central Asia @GuyReuters

Rory Johnston at Commodity Context on oil @Rory_Johnston

Alex Lawler at Reuters on OPEC @AlexLawler100

Ron Bousso at Reuters on energy companies @ronbousso1

Shadia Nasralla at Reuters on oil and climate @NasrallaShadia

Ahmad Ghaddar at Reuters for oil and North Africa @aghaddar

Herman Wang at Platts on all things oil and OPEC @HermsTheWord

Ellen Wald on Middle East oil and diplomacy @EnergzdEconomy

Energy Flux on the energy transition @EnergyFluxNews

Jason Bordoff at Columbia Center for Global Energy Policy @JasonBordoff

Tom Wilson at the FT on energy and politics @thomas_m_wilson

Mason Hamilton at IEF on global energy @T_Mason_H

Utility Dive on everything gas, power and grids @UtilityDive

Taylor Kuykendall on U.S. coal industry @taykuy

Jake Horslen at Energy Aspects on coal and gas @JakeHorslen

Amy Harder at CipherClimate on energy and climate change @AmyAHarder

Ed Crooks at WoodMac on all things energy related @Ed_Crooks

Anas Alhajji on everything about oil and OPEC @anasalhajji

Bob McNally at Rapidan Group on global oil @Bob_McNally

Raad Alkadiri at Eurasia Group on the Middle East @raadie66

Evan Feigenbaum at Carnegie Endowment on U.S./Asia @EvanFeigenbaum

Collin Eaton at Wall Street Journal on U.S. oil and gas @CollinEatonHC

Henry Sanderson at BMI on commodities @hjesanderson

Harry Dempsey at the FT on battery minerals @harrydemps

Summer Said at the WSJ on Middle East energy @summer_said

Bloomberg Energy News @BloombergNRG

Bloomberg Business @business

Michael Amon at the WSJ on Middle East @michaelkamon

Robin Mills on Middle East energy @robinenergy

Columbia Center on Global Energy Policy @ColumbiaUEnergy

Oxford Institute for Energy Studies @OxfordEnergy

International Energy Agency @IEA

Energy Information Administration @EIAgov

gCaptain on maritime trade @gCaptain

Fuel Fix on energy markets @fuelfixblog

Financial Post Energy for news on Canada’s oil and gas sector @FPEnergy

Shawn Donnan on international trade @sdonnan

Scott Lincicome on international trade @scottlincicome

Scott Irwin at University of Illinois on agriculture and energy @ScottIrwinUI

Karen Braun at Reuters on agricultural markets @kannbwx

Davis Kedrosky on economic history @dkedrosky

Joshua Stevens at NASA on everything linked to data and cartography @jscarto

Max Roser at OurWorldInData on data visualization and economic development @MaxCRoser