Best in Energy – 19 April 2023

Russia oil price cap comes under strain (Reuters)

Tesla cuts prices again to boost sales (Bloomberg)

Brazil’s rising distributed solar generation (EIA)

Europe gas inventories at comfortable level (FT)

Dealmakers focus on Permian oil firms (Reuters)

U.K. forecasts enough gas this summer (Reuters)

Clear-air turbulence (WSJ)

NORTHERN INDIA’s temperatures have risen faster than normal since the start of April. Average daily temperatures in the New Delhi suburb of Palam reached 33.4°C on April 18 up from 20.7°C on March 31. Temperatures have been above the long-term seasonal average every day since April 14 after being continuously below average for almost a month between March 17 and April 13. So far, the transmission network has coped with the rapid increase in demand for refrigeration and air-conditioning. Network frequency has dipped as temperatures climb but remains reasonably close to the target of 50.0o Hz. Periods of severe under-frequency below 49.90 Hz are generally around 12% or less each day, which is fairly typical in India:

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