Best in Energy – 13 April 2023

China/Europe economic rebound set to boost emissions

China plans to accelerate coal production and generation

Russia redirects gasoline exports from Europe to Africa

U.S. gas consumption fell during mild start to 2023

U.K. households confused by hydrogen and heat pumps ($FT)

U.S. INTEREST RATE traders have cut expectations for the path of rates following the regional banking crisis and amid signs both business activity and price rises are slowing. Projected interest rates have reverted to their level at the start of February, before anxiety about inflation increased:

U.S. SERVICE SECTOR inflation has decelerated significantly though it is still running faster than the central bank target. Services prices rose at an annualised rate of +5.8% over the three months ending in March, while prices excluding rent of shelter rose at an annualised rate of +2.7%:

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