Best in Energy – 31 January 2023

Europe’s ammonia plants idle – for now

IMF upgrades economic forecast slightly

Germany plans to keep gas stocks high

Germany explores strategic gas reserve

EU boosts imports of Russian LNG ($BBG)

Pakistan’s foreign exchange shortage

Journalism – impartiality and framing ¹

Commodity trading  (McKinsey report)

¹ This report on impartiality and bias in journalism focuses on the British Broadcasting Corporation and its coverage of government finance issues (spending, taxation, borrowing and debt) in the United Kingdom. But the same issues are relevant for other media organisations and other topics, including energy. Factual accuracy is a necessary but not sufficient condition for impartiality. Selection of sources, choice of language, exploration of alternative viewpoints and narrative framing are just as important.

U.S. INTEREST RATE traders expect the federal funds target rate to peak at 4.75-5.00% by July 2023 up from 4.25-4.50% at present. Thereafter the rate is expected to start declining before the end of the year as the central bank responds to decelerating inflation and/or recession:  

CHINA’s manufacturers reported an increase in business activity in January 2023. The official purchasing managers’ index climbed to 50.1 (26th percentile for all months since 2011) from 47.0 (1st percentile) in December 2022:

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