Best in Energy – 23 January 2023

U.S. gasoline output falling faster than use ($BBG)

EU gas price cap risks destabilising markets

G7/Russia price cap for refined oil products

Wind turbine failures are increasing ($BBG)

Germany’s build out of LNG capacity ($BBG)

Tesla discounts disrupt vehicle prices ($WSJ)

EU prepares for ban on Russian diesel ($FT)

Home appliances and web connection ($WSJ)

Pakistan hit by cascading power grid failure

LONDON and Southeast England reached the half-way point in the heating season on January 23. London has experienced 769 heating degree days so far this winter compared with a long-term average of 825. After a mild spell from mid-October to mid-November, and another from mid-December to mid-January, cold spells in early December and late January have erased much but not all of the deficit in heating degree days:

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