Best in Energy – 8 September 2022

Global energy employment report from IEA

Germany to subsidise basic electricity quota

China boosts coal imports amid hot dry spell

China buys cheap LNG from Russia ($BBG)

U.S. power use forecast to hit record in 2022

White House plan to cut industrial emissions

Semiconductor makers face downturn ($BBG)

Europe set for big gas shortfall in 2023 ($BBG)

Europe energy suppliers face Lehman moment

Goldman’s case for a U.S. soft landing ($WSJ)

Pakistan’s floods risk triggering unrest ($FT)

U.S. COOLING DEMAND since the start of the year has been around +11% higher than the long-term seasonal average (1981-2010) and +2% higher than the prior seven-year average (2015-2021). Higher-than-usual temperatures have contributed to pressure on electricity networks and put gas consumption by power generators on course for a record high this year:

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