Best in Energy – 5 July 2022

REUTERS has appointed Guy Faulconbridge as its new bureau chief for Russia and the CIS. Guy is one of the most talented journalists of my generation and an outstanding choice for the toughest job in journalism at the moment. For the most accurate, insightful and unbiased coverage of Russia, I strongly recommend following him on Twitter @GuyReuters

U.S./China hold round of economic discussions (trans.)

Coal consumption hits new high in 2021 ($WSJ)

Russia’s coal exports increase despite sanctions

Europe’s seaborne coal imports surge ($BBG)

Semiconductor makers signal slower demand ($WSJ)

GLOBAL COAL-FIRED power generation rose to a record 10,244 terawatt-hours (TWh) in 2021, passing the previous peak of 10,098 TWh set before the pandemic in 2018. Coal combustion is set to rise further in 2022 as China and India focus on indigenous energy resources to improve their energy security and reduce the cost of imports, and Europe tries to reduce its consumption of Russian gas:

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