Best in Energy – 13 June 2022

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Oil price shock to persist into 2023 ($BBG)

Oil prices expected to rise further ($FT)

U.K. government orders fuel price inquiry

U.S. refinery processing likely to accelerate

U.S. Midwest at risk of blackouts for years

Food versus biofuel – land competition ($FT)

U.S. TREASURY yield curve between two-year and ten-year notes has flattened again in response to faster inflation. Traders anticipate the central bank will have to engineer a harder landing for the economy to bring price increases under control:

BRITAIN’s economy has started to contract as surging inflation hits household and business spending. Real output fell or was flat in four of the five months between December and April. The other major European economies, which publish data with longer delays and less frequency, are probably also on the leading edge of a recession:

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