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The energy bibliography contains the books and articles on energy-related topics I have found most interesting and useful in my own research and that have had the biggest influence on my own thinking. Energy is defined broadly to include economic history, technology, production, consumption, transport, markets, risk management and a host of other themes. The bibliography started as an aide-memoire (I have a terrible memory) and in response to requests from correspondents for recommendations on particular topics. It has since grown very large. To make it easier to use, I have included an index with internal hyperlinks to the relevant sections.

I update the list once a quarter. The latest version has a new section (WWW) on monopolies and cartels, focusing on the repeated attempts to monopolise the coal trade in England between 1580s and the 1840s, which foreshadowed many of the techniques and challenges that have faced modern commodity cartels.  The bibliography can be downloaded here:

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